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Néoveur Visio-Scan is a machine used to detect and eject, in real-time:

  • Any non-compliant biscuits (size, breakage, colour, etc.)
  • Any yoghurts with a missing or incorrect use-by date
  • Any poorly crimped jars
  • Any incorrectly or uncapped bottles
  • Any products that are visually non-compliant

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General specifications:

  • A 304L stainless steel unit
  • With turning Ø12 mm tapers on the way in and out
  • A food safe carrier belt, useful width 400 mm
  • Asynchronous motor drive
  • Variable 10 to 30 metres per minute drive
  • An industrial 17" IP65 Panel PC with stainless steel case
  • Blower or pneumatic cylinder ejection
  • Lockable recovery tray
  • 400V three-phase or 240V single-phase mains supply
  • Air treatment with a filter and regulator - 7 bar network supply


  • Ejection by retractable conveyor
  • Ejection by upper toothed conveyor
  • Ultra-violet lighting
  • 360° image acquisition
  • Laser beam product height check

Max. product size:

450 x 350 x 350 mm